In the 19th June the flights were booked, and from that day, they were completely hooked.

Two days later they bought their travel packs, both ready to live with these extensions to their backs.

Then on the 1st August Michael told his boss, who got excited at their plans but told he’d be a big loss.

It was 6 days later he handed his resignation, then went home to celebrate with utter jubilation.

On the 8th August they got their first jabs, Hep A and Typhoid, just a couple of stabs.

Also on the 8th they booked another plane, Singapore to Malaysia, the prices so cheap it was insane.

It was the 3rd September they got another anti-virus, oddly named Japanese Encephalitis.

On the 8th September it was time for Hep B, still felt like a long way to go, the first of three.

One month later it was the second Hep B jab, building up their immunity, feeling like rats in a lab.

On the 23rd October Ednora quit her position, but her boss quit too, causing utter suspicion!

It was 2nd November they got their next injection, the 2nd Jap Encephalitis, nearly free of infection.


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